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Scanmars new bridge system shows accurate sensor data in a revolutionary, highly detailed, flexible and modern interface.

  • Fully customizable to your preferences
  • Intuitive and user friendly interface
  • Supports multiple monitor use
  • New SpiderGraph cruise control feature
Height/Depth Sensor
Grid Sensor
Clump Sensor
Door Height Sensor
Trawl Eye
Flow Sensor
SS4 Door Sensor
Trawl Sounder

Simrad’s catch monitoring systems and sensors allow you to stay in full control of your fishing gear during trawling and seining.


A catch monitoring system from Simrad allows you to stay in full control of the gear and its behaviour. The systems are designed to be equally useful for all fishing types. Bottom trawlers, pelagic trawlers, purse or danish seiners – whatever kind of gear you use, all vessels can take advantage of one or more of the catch monitoring systems.

  • The Simrad ITI is a professional catch monitoring system providing perfect trawl geometry

When requested by the system, the robust battery powered sensors mounted on the trawl transmit important information to the vessel. Simrad ITI allows you to monitor the exact position of the gear and what is happening in and around the trawl, providing crucial information for effective, profitable and responsible fishing.

  • The Simrad TV80 program is the latest and most complete solution to show you all the information about your current fishing operation.

Several different presentation modes are available for data presentation, and with a large display you can bring them allup simultaneously. You can also work with a Dual Screen configuration, allowing you to handle more information without saturating the screen.

In the TV80, the presentation of sensor data is organized in views. The views provide you with the information you need to control the functionality and the operational parameters. In the TV80, you can use a maximum of four views simultaneously. If you use less than four views, you can choose their layout according to your operational requirements or personal preferences.

  • The Simrad PI50 is an advanced real-time catch monitoring system for trawl and purse seine equipment.

The Simrad PI50 system provides you with essential information. This can for example be the stability of the trawl doors, the amount and quality of your catch, the behaviour of your bottom or pelagic trawl, or the correct timing of a purse seine.

A large selection of wireless sensors is available for the Simrad PI50. Placed on the trawl, purse seine or danish seine they will provide you with valuable and accurate information about the gear, its behaviour and the environment.

  • The Simrad FX80 is an innovative and advanced catch monitoring system that allows you to monitor the fish activity inside your fishing gear using a live video stream.

A real-time video feed from the trawl has long been desired by fishermen and researchers alike.

Cabling and slip-rings have been the issue. One of the primary design criteria of the Simrad FX80 system was to make it work on existing 3rd wire cables. We have achieved this goal using copper core coax cables. The use of existing copper core coax cables eases the cost and reduces the installation time.

The Simrad DFS75 Trawl sonar is integrated into the Simrad FX80 system to establish an efficient and accurate monitoring system for your gear and your catch. The combination of the high resolution images from the trawl sonar and the live video feed provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to identify and analyse both trawl movements and fish behaviour.

Marport designs and manufactures catch control and net monitoring sensors, echo sounders, current profilers and sonar for the world’s fishing fleet. We also provide development services to the world’s top companies who count on our expertise. Our technology solutions improve operational efficiency, reduce waste and increase catch quality.

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