Cooperation with Elkon

Elkon is our biggest business partnership at out of Counrty, It is well-established and leading company of our sector in the field of Ship Electricity and Automation. With this business model we have developed under the leadership of Elkon General Manager Ertuğ Yaşar and Business Development Manager Abdullah Tunç, we have succeeded in providing a single package to meet all the electrical and electronic needs of the projects in the shipyards abroad. We signed contracts for many projects and started delivering them as of last summer.

The other important part of this study is that exports in the shipbuilding industry have contributed significantly both to our country’s economy and export figures as an example of our domestic firms exporting services such as engineering and system integration, not only through shipyards.

Our goal is to produce technology for the shipbuilding industry, with high business discipline; We work with an engineer team capable of managing competition in difficult market conditions. The most experienced names in the industry, the winners with the internationally developed innovation, innovative leaders in automation and powerful engineers in terms of project experience make Elkon a known player in the global arena.

We pay particular attention to this working model as both Elkon and Konomar, because we need to show our local and national brands to the forefront and compete with the giants doing this business in the globalizing world. The best way to do this is to combine our powers and abilities.

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