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The system comprises a central unit and a comprehensive range of substations and other field equipment for use indoors, outdoors, and in noisy areas on marine vessels. Physical dimensions of the units are based on the Euro DIN standard and are integrated seamlessly into bridge solutions.

Zenitel, international market leader in integrated communication solutions for the professional market, presents its Vingtor-Stentofon ACM Telephone System to marine professionals worldwide. Based on Zenitel’s well known communication exchange, ACM-M-A is made for the marine environment and is presented with extensive and programmable features supporting all key PABX functions.

Zenitel’s ACM Telephone package is the latest development under the Vingtor-Stentofon brand name, one of the two brands which make up Zenitel Marine’s portfolio. It is also one in a range of three options or levels; Vingtor-Stentofon’s ACM Standard Integrated system and the Advanced Integrated system both support Vingtor-Stentofon’s Integrated PA, GA, Talkback and telephone solution.

The ACM Telephone System, also known as Vingtor-Stentofon ACM-M-A, meets basic requirements for onboard communication in a cost effective way. The possibilities and different features it offers however are far from basic. ACM Telephone supports high capacity line cards and remote management and maintenance using IP and Web technologies. It’s type approved and has optional VoIP gateways with 4 and 8 channels.

Zenitel has increased the station range for the ACM systems. All three systems can be used with Zenitel’s new IP DECT base stations which together with IP and analogue telephones and intercoms, enjoy access to the same set of ACM features. The advantage is a single, simple, user experience and seamless mobility; you can contact someone or be contacted where ever you are on the ship.

The ACM systems can also be used with the newly designed IP station range which includes IP Flush Masters and an IP Master Station Kit, designed to produce custom IP stations to the highest specifications.

The VSP system is independent of the installations power supply and fulfils the demands for emergency communication between vital positions. The system has a versatile range of light but robust and corrosion-resistant stations for all environments.

  • 12-Way system consisting of up to 12 main stations with selector switch for selective calling between all connected stations
  • 20-Way (M) system consisting of up to 20 main stations with selector switch for selective calling between all connected stations
  • Intrinsically safe VSP set for units in hazardous areas Note! For 12-Way only
  • Provides emergency communication independent of the vessel’s power supply
  • Excellent speech quality
  • Model with noise compensated microphones
  • Model built-in or separate relay for operation of signal units
  • Supports headset directly connected to stations or via plug box
  • Supports a wide range of stations for ship environment

The SPA-V2 system is specially designed to meet the demands for a cost-effective Maritime Public Address system. The system is available in various versions and offers a set of standard and optional features which covers the requirements for a marine Public Address and General Alarm system for all types of vessels.

Each SPA rack supports power output from 120W to 2800W. A system can consist of multiple racks to provide for the requisite capacity. The racks can be provided in the following sizes: 12 HU, 16 HU, 20 HU, and 24 HU.

The SPA system is an integrated type approved PA and GA solution. SPA is extremely cost effective where SPA loudspeaker loops are used together with the integrated ACM units to cover areas where PA and GA are required onboard the ship.

Standalone PA and GA system made for the marine environment
19” rack w/screw terminals for ship cable network
Power Amplifiers, 100 V line with alternative power output of 120W, 240W or 400W
Provides monitoring of power amplifiers
6 zones selection + ALL
VINGTOR integrated PA/GA solution in combination with VINGTOR ACM XE
Input for 3 microphone panels
AUX / Alarm input
Input from Talk-Back system
Input from PABX (preselected zones)
Mains 230 V AC/24 V DC w/auto switch-over
Note! 110V AC on request
Built-in pre-amplifiers
Wide set of microphones and alarm panels

The EXIGO Public Address (PA) System delivers all the benefits of a networked audio solution into one package for marine vessels and oil & gas installations.

IP-based PA system with networked components
PA and GA, certified for marine environments
PA and VA, certified for EN54 applications
Supports Vingtor-Stentofon Integrated PA/GA and Intercom solution
Full monitoring of system components, access panels, and speaker loops
Full monitoring of all devices with SNMP and Syslog
Power amplifiers, 100/70 volt line with Ethernet interface
Supports 250 PA zones
Supports 150 IP access panels
Fully programmable control inputs and outputs
Analog audio inputs and outputs
AC and DC operation with automatic switch-over functionality
Integration with IPBX, foghorn and fire alarm
Supports Vingtor-Stentofon IP loudspeakers

The Phontech 8300 MkII Sound Reception System is an acoustic electronic navigational aid designed to receive and detect foghorn sounds from other vessels.

Phontech 8300 MkII is for use on board one-man operated closed bridge class ships. By means of an omnidirectional microphone/antenna unit mounted outside of the vessel, the main display unit will reproduce and amplify incoming sounds and indicate the approximate direction of the source of the sound.

This digital system has superior digital sound processing and is easy to install. The Phontech 8300 MkII main display unit includes a web interface as well as adjustable volume and dimmer.

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